Pony Express New Forest Ultra – Race Report

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Prelude to the race

It’s been 11 years, 7 months and 28 days since the last time…

The months on the calendar have, of late, whizzed past and there is, as of yet, no noticeable trace of evidence vindicating this particular undertaking in my mind. In fact, quite the opposite – events, of late, are actually working in defiance of my new goal, which lies in danger of being swallowed alive by the unpredictable whims of my procrastinating habit.

Time has crept up quite stealthily during the last few years while I was busy completing my ‘transmogrification’ into a professional and responsible near middle-aged adult. Of course, it hadn’t escaped my notice that my weekend warrior lifestyle was unable to curb the relentless growth of my waistline and my acquired smarts were not serving as a suitable substitute at the local watering holes, much to my chagrin. ‘It was high time to take a stand’ – I thought to myself.

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My ultrarunning two cents!

Running holds a special lure for individuals of a certain personality, which perhaps Tim Noakes puts it best in the introduction for his book: The Lore of Running. Most ultra runners, especially the ones attempting it for the first time are very misunderstood folks, often being dismissed as unreasonable or crazy and foolish. However, I believe that the reasons for most people wanting to attempt runs of this nature tend to be very deep-rooted and hardly worthy of a cursory glance. Human beings have evolved for endurance running and it’s not very hard to imagine what the mind and body can be convinced of achieving with proper training.

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